man vs. world clothing

about us

Man Vs. World clothing was founded in 2009 by the disselkamp brothers joe and george. They had aquired the name through a record label in which they held that was already in existence. The name was unique enough to the two brothers that they decided to trademark it and turn it into a household name. Custom designed t-shirts were the first thing to get branded. We are currently looking toward the future and the sucess of our company. We have a passion for design and are currently looking for local Cincinnati artists to help implement designs for our t-shirts. We are cincinnati loyals yet feel the brand should be shared with the world.
2013 will be a landmark year for our company. We are hoping to acquire funding to purchase equipment for in-house design and printing of our shirts. We currently will be applying for insight and funding from and Cincinnati based start-up accelerator. Stay tuned for many changes are soon to come.